Our Mission

Mission Statement

To educate, mold, and inspire service through a personal relationship with Jesus

Guiding Principles

Christ and His redemptive power and grace are the centerpiece of each class
taught and all school activities.

Teachers model and present Christ, the source of all knowledge, in a caring,
loving, nurturing personal relationship with students.

Students are prepared and challenged to their highest potential in the search for
truth, excellence and the joy of service.

Value System

Rogue Valley Adventist Academy’s values serve as guidelines of behavior for
staff and students for the accomplishment of our vision. We state values
because life is about values choices and conflicts. The following set of values
guide decisions in all aspects of school life at RVAA:

  1. Honor God in all we do
  2. Build relationships based on trust and respect
  3. Strive for integrity and excellence in all programs and activities

Philosophy of Spiritual Development

In accordance with the long standing principles of Adventist education, RVAA
believes in educating the complete individual, including developing the spiritual,
intellectual, physical, and social aspects of each student. A high degree of
excellence in education is pursued in all areas.

God is recognized as the ultimate source of truth and knowledge. All aspects of
the school program are structured in light of this truth. The goal of RVAA is to
provide a safe environment in which caring Christian teachers point their
student to the redeeming grace of Jesus. Parents and teachers are co-workers
to direct students in acceptance of God as Savior and master.

As students learn of God’s love for them and for all mankind, they experience a
personal relationship with Him, accept His plan of redemption for their lives,
and find their true self-worth and future. They become acquainted with the
Bible as God’s word and study God’s revealed will to them through its teachings.
As they explore the mysteries of the world of nature and an unfolding universe,
their faith in God is strengthened. Students learn to look outside of themselves
and find their greatest joy in unselfish service to others.