High School

RVAA’s high school is vibrant and dynamic. Our class sizes are ideal for making one-on-one instruction available on a daily basis where students are constantly in contact with dedicated and nurturing teachers who instruct in all four grades. Within each class, there is the freedom of individuality and personal ambition. Teachers recognize and cultivate students to work to their fullest potential at all levels of learning.  Teachers are delighted to be a part of student "family groups" where students and teachers take one hour a month to spend quality time together engaging in on- and off-campus activities.  Our Student Association is actively organizing activities such as banquets and holiday fun. Weekly chapels are also a highlight of the week where local pastors come and share Bible knowledge with the students which further enhances and enlightens the Christ-centered educational program for each student. Athletics is also a favorite activity on campus including: soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Debate and drama clubs are offered after school as well. Community service once a month is a cherished experience in which students are actively engaged. Yearly, students have the opportunity to be part of a mission trip abroad or local, switching every other year, where students are encouraged to serve wholeheartedly. Seniors have the honor of ending their year with a grand, formal commencement ceremony and a Senior trip celebrating this major milestone in their lives. Students find RVAA a safe and healthy place to learn each day while developing a deeper relationship with Christ.

High School Photos