Tuition & Fees

Financial Information

Tuition Prices:

Half Day Kindergarten: $3,040

Kindergarten - 6th Grade: $4,770

7th - 8th Grade: $6,350

9th - 12th Grade: $8,880

 For more information call 541-773-2988 or email Brett Wilson at .

Registration Fee:

Registration is to be paid prior to your student beginning classes. Registration fees are as follows:

Elementary and Middle School:

                Paid by April 30: $200 per child

                Paid by June 30: $250 per child

                Paid after June 30: $300 per child

High School:

                Paid by April 30: $300 per child

                Paid by June 30: $350 per child

                Paid after June 30: $400 per child

Payment Plans:

All families must meet with the business manager and sign a financial plan prior to the school years beginning. We have 3 options:

   12 month plan: For families who prefer a smaller monthly payment, 12 month payment plans can be set up in July and pay monthly through June.

   11 month plan: for those families who prefer a smaller payment plan, August through June

   10 month plan: our default payment plan, August through September.

All invoicing will be sent out at the beginning of each month. Payments are due by the 25th of each month unless you are on Auto Pay (Credit Card automatic payments).

Payment Methods:

Auto Pay: Automatic payments through credit card or debit card (American Express is not accepted)

                  Send a check in the mail

                  Payments by Cash, Check, Money order or credit card can be paid in person.

                  You can also pay online using this link:

Homeschool Students:

Classes for home school high school students that want to take on a partial load here are charged $100 per class per month on a 10 month payment plan. The registration fee is reduced for these students as well. Call or email the business office for more information.

Financial Aid

Adventist Education is a huge part of the mission of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We as a church want to give every student the opportunity to have a Christian education if they want one. However, our student aid is limited and we want to make sure that every student that receives aid is appreciative of the help they are getting and maintains a respectable GPA and shows that they want to be at the school by respecting the rules stated in the handbook.

Student aid is given out based on need and as determined by our Finance Committee. We as a school use FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment software to determine whether or not your family qualifies to receive aid and how much you qualify for. Our school’s FACTS application can be accessed here: Before you start the application, have your previous year’s tax information readily available.

Before applying for student aid with us, please meet with your church pastor and discuss the availability of aid from your church, whether it be Adventist or otherwise. The more places we can get help for your family from, the more likely we can get your payment to an affordable amount. Our school is a mission, but it takes a community to keep a school running, and our parents and students are part of that community.

Student Work Program

We have several options for student aid, one of those being our student labor program. Students can earn up to $100 per month working after school in janitorial or grader capacities to help lower the cost of tuition. They will be hired as employees and receive paychecks that will then be written over to the school. The student work application is available here (insert link to pdf of application)


Southern Adventist University offers a program where students can meet with a senior “mentor” once a week to enrich the lives of both the mentor and the student. Aid is provided based on the number of visits per month, with a maximum of 5 per month. For more information, contact the business office.